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Where Can I Hire a Hacker to Change Grades?
So which brings us to the main question — Can you hire a hacker to change your grades? Yes, it is possible to hire a hacker to change your university grades and college grades. It has been done time and time again. It mainly depends on the kind of security behind your school’s system.
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I had a personal experience when I was in college, I accidentally “hacked” my grade book system. On my grade book, if you clicked a teacher’s name, it would show you basic demographic information about that teacher, which was all supposed to be public. This included their work email address, to which student emails were supposed to be directed, so I frequently used it to verify that I was sending emails to the correct address.
One day, I was trying to email a teacher, and wanted to verify that I had the right email address. I opened my grade book, and logged in using the password that my browser had remembered, but it occurred to me that I had completely forgotten what that password actually was.
Hire a Hacker to Change Your University Grades
So, I went to this teacher demographic page, and verified the email address. Afterwards, I decided to go to my own profile page to see if I could find or change my password. When I went to my profile, I noticed that, instead of my name, it said the name of the teacher whose demographic page I had just checked. And near the bottom of the page, it had a password box with the teacher’s password.
From a computer security perspective, like almost every website where you log in and out, I would assume this website had a variable which stored the name of the logged-in user. However, this was the same variable as the one that stored the name of the teacher when you went to look at demographic information.
Then, when you go to your profile, it just accesses the information of whoever is stored in the “user” variable, without using any encoded session ID or token or anything to verify that the value of the “user” variable was actually the user who had logged in. To this day, I cannot believe how awful that security was. At that age, I didn’t know any of that and had never looked at computer code before, otherwise I would have experimented to find the flaw.
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I didn’t change any grades. I would have never gotten over the guilt, I had straight A’s anyway, and due to my reputation for being better with computers than anyone else, I would have been suspected immediately. But I was unable to resist the temptation of seeing if the login information would actually work.
In order to ensure that nobody accused me of cheating, I went to the teacher directory, opened the demographic information for a 2nd grade teacher, and repeated the exploit to get her password. I tested the login, and was able to access my grade book as a teacher. Of the passwords I saw, both were simply my school’s name with a one-digit number at the end. Even had the grade book’s security not been so far below standards, any desperate student could have guessed that and gotten in.
During lunch (the only time my computer teacher, also the grade book admin, was available), I approached the teacher and told him that teacher’s passwords were easily accessible on the grade book. The teacher laughed a little bit, and somewhat sarcastically asked me to show him, and was shocked to see that it actually worked.
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A few days later, the teacher went over to me to brag that he had fixed it (I think he was under the impression that I had intentionally found the exploit as a white-hack or something). The layout was changed and the teacher demographic page was removed. The next year, we switched to a completely new grade book system.
I’ve never heard of any grade book with such poor security standards, but there have been cases where students have hacked grade books and changed grades. These include placing a key logger on campus computers, phishing the teachers, befriending teachers and getting passwords, finding passwords on unattended computers, etc.
But, possible, legal, and moral are three different things. Is it possible for you to hack a grade book and change your grades? Probably. Is it legal? No, and it’s very rare to be able to pull that off without getting caught. If you change only your grades, if anyone ever happens to notice, you’re caught immediately. If you change a bunch of grades, the discrepancy becomes obvious, and the changes will likely be reverted.
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